Welcome to the official website of the Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs "Nikola Tesla" from Belgrade!

News and events
>> 31/03/2019
On Saturday, April 20th, at the humanitarian concert on the scene of Božidarac our youngest ensembles take part. On the same occasion, on Monday, April 22, our Spanish section is taking part in the Terazije Theater.

>> 31/03/2019
On Friday, April 5th, our ensemble of veterans traditionally travels to the Republic of Srpska - Trebinje on second occasion of folklore veterans.

>> 15/11/2018
The annual concert marking the 92nd anniversary of the existence of our ensemble, as well as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the literary section, will be held at the Children's Cultural Center in Belgrade on Saturday, December 15th, 2018 from 19h. Tickets are on sale from Monday, November 26, 2018, at the premises of the ensemble every working day from 19-22h.

>> 29/10/2018
Our children's ensemble will take part in concert for mark of the 100th anniversary of the First World War with the performance in the Army House in Belgrade on November 2nd.

>> 24/09/2018
On October 3rd, our veterans will travel to Brcko (BiH) for an international folklore festival.

>> 15/09/2018
On September 21, our first ensemble will travel to Kosice - Slovakia.

>> 19/07/2018
On August 1st, one part of the our performing ensemble is traveling to Spain where it will spend three weeks on the tour. We wish them a nice trip, nice performances and we hope to they will show Serbia in the best light as always.

>> 20/05/2018
On Saturday, June 9th, our veterans will take part at the folk festival of veterans in Vrnjacka Banja.

>> 20/05/2018
On Friday, June 8th, our children's ensemble will take part in the humanitarian concert "CHILDREN'S CHILD" on the scene of Bozidarac.

>> 07/05/2018
On Tuesday, May 15th, our first ensemble is traveling to the city of Kosice in Slovakia at the invitation of the mayor of that city.
Rehearsal time
First ensemble:
Monday and Thursday 20h

Second ensemble:
Tuesday and Friday 20h

Children's ensemble:
Tuesday and Friday 19h

Ensemble of veterans:
Wednesday 19h and 20:30h


Section of Spanish dances:
Wednesday 17h and Saturday 15h